I’m feeling pretty crappy (no pun intended). My day off yesterday didn’t go as planned; I got my lay in but I barely slept for any of it which meant I felt really tired and drained all day. I did go for dinner at my fiances parents but I ended up bringing my dinner back up again shortly after getting home.

I slept better last night, at least, but I’ve felt tired and nauseous all day today. I’ve barely eaten anything because I didn’t want to risk agitating my gut even further so that’s not helped with my already depleted energy levels.

I got to speak with my nurse this afternoon and they want me in for yet another flexi on Wednesday. She said to come prepared to be admitted so I’m going to bring a bag full of overnight stuff and hope reverse-psychology works. I’m really hoping I don’t end up in hospital again; it’s barely been two months since I was discharge last time, I can’t deal with going in again. It’s made me feel pretty depressed.

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