Another update

I finished my work week! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow; I’m doing absolutely nothing at all except sleeping. I’m meant to be going for dinner at my fiance’s parents in the evening but I’ll have to see how I’m feeling. Hopefully the sleep will help me feel well enough to go. I haven’t seen them in a long time and it’d be nice to spend time somewhere other than my flat or work.

Monday is the start of my seven day working week so I’m trying to conserve spoons. I should be ok but I’m going to keep a very close eye on my fatigue and if I need to, I guess I could ask to go home early.

As for my infection, I don’t feel like the antibiotics are doing much; I’m still going around eight times a day and it’s not what you’d call of a “normal” consistency. I’m going to call the helpline tomorrow so I’ll be able to talk to the nurse Monday and get some advise.

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