Biopsy result

I have finally had my biopsy results; it turns out they have no idea what has caused the inflammation in my small bowel. No signs of Crohn’s, (which is great, by the way. One auto-immune disease is enough) but also no signs of infection either. They literally said they have “no clue what has caused the inflammation”. They want to see me again for another flexi in about a month so maybe they’ll find something then.

For now, I’m still on the modulen. I’m awaiting a prescription of it which apparently can take over a week as it’s not something a pharmacy would stock. I’m going to try and have small amounts of soft foods like yoghurt or mashed banana or potato for a few days to see how my gut handles it. So far, it’s been fine with smashed potato, and I had some banana last night which also went through me fine. I’m going to take it slow and only have it in the evening. That way, if my gut does protests, I’ll be at home where I can deal with it and not at work where I can’t.

Considering how quickly I responded to the antibiotics, I didn’t think it was Crohn’s (and nor did my GI or surgeon) but as there is no sign of infection, it does make me wonder what on earth my gut is playing at. It’s very frustrating.

Had a weird day yesterday; no BM after 10am all the way until this morning at one. All the while, I felt like a balloon was sitting in the stomach and I was very uncomfortable. I have since had multiple BM but it’s still pretty slow going. I’m hoping it was just a one off and I’ll be back on track today.
Also, I had an heartrate of around 45-58 this morning which is extremely low for me. I told the nurse and they’re keeping an eye on that but, again, just hoping it was a weird blip.
Fingers crossed the doctor will be round later today.

Friday update

Still haven’t seen my primary doctor today but he’s meant to be in over the weekend so hopefully I’ll get to talk to him then.
For now, they’re keeping me on the IV steroids and antibiotics as it looks like they’re working. I’m guessing it’ll be at least another couple of days before the infection is gone but at least my inflammatory markers are down so fingers crossed, once the c diff is completely clear, I’ll be able to go home.
I really want to get out of here; being in the same small room for over a week is making me a little depressed. I’ll be so happy when they send me home.


I’m now on the last two hours of my second ten hour saline drip of the day (the first one was overnight last night and ended pretty early). I’m torn between trying to sleep throug it and just staying up because the pump will wake me up either way when it ends. I’m not overly sleepy so maybe I’ll just play some games on my tablet and if I dose off, it doesn’t really matter.

Tuesday update

I’ve just spoken to the doctor again today; my xray came back ok – no toxic megacolon. Also, the surgical team are still going to come talk to me but it won’t be for a day or two, I imagine.

The steroids seem to be working as well (much better than last time) so my inflammatory markers are lower and my appetite is coming back so I’m hopefully putting on a bit more weight. I’m also hoping that this means to c. diff infection is on its way out as my BM have slowed a little since starting the steroids.

I hardly slept last night so I’m feeling pretty awful today. I’ve been dosing on and off all morning but I don’t feel any better for it. I’ve barely eaten anything either because my stomach is hurting. I’m hoping a nice warm shower will make me feel better but first I need to gather some spoons from somewhere to get out of bed.

So not only am I hooked up to saline until 1am but I am also now attached to a twelve hours drip to replace the nutrients ect. that I’ve lost. My canula started leaking though so they’ve had to replace it but it’s in much deeper than I’m used to so it’s a tad bit soar. Hopefully it won’t be as bad tomorrow.