I’ve eaten too much again!

I did the stupid thing and had a big dinner instead of a smaller one. I think I’ll need to eat smaller meals for a while; my stomach has bloated and is a little painful and I’ve also had quite a bit of gluten over the last couple of days which doesn’t help with the bloat.

It’s annoying that I keep wanting to just eat the things that I know aren’t good for me! I’m trying really hard to avoid as much gluten as I can (although I know I don’t need to avoid it completely), as well as listen to my gut and stop eating when it tells me I’m full. Problem is, I think my appetite has increased more recently so I’m feeling like I’m hungry when I’m not. Maybe I should drink more and then I might not feel hungry for food as much. I have read that the feeling of thirst is usually mistaken for the feeling of hunger so maybe that’s it?

I’ve also developed a slight addiction to Arizona branded Iced Tea. It’s really refreshing and the cans last me a good few hours each. I think I’ll have to stock up on them and maybe invest in some low calorie/gluten-free snacks. I’ve found most crisps are gluten-free but are also high in calories/low in nutritional value so I probably shouldn’t eat too many. I haven’t made any gluten-free brownies for this week but I will likely make a batch next week when I have more time/spoons to do so.

Anyway, I think an early night is in order so I can digest all the rubbish I’ve eaten today and get enough sleep so I can get up for work tomorrow. It’s a good week off but I really wish I wasn’t going back to work yet; I just want a day where I don’t have to do anything; I’ve done something every day since I’ve been off work so it doesn’t feel like I’ve stopped really. I think the few hours I spent at the hospital, having my infusion, were the first I’ve spent not doing anything this whole week! Hopefully, it means I’ll sleep better. I can only hope.

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