It’s been a couple of days since my iron infusion and although I don’t feel amazing, I also don’t feel as tired as I normally do. I think it’s working.
I guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks; I need to have another blood test to see if I have to have more infusions.

They had to use a baby yellow canula today; my veins were being awkward.

They’ve pre-medicated me to make sure I would be ok for the iron. I was done, just really, really tired. The iron took about an hour and they needed to observe me for half an hour after but I’m on my way home now. Time for dinner and an early night.

I had a full blood count done recently and because my iron is so low, they’ve booked me an iron infusion for a couple of weeks time. I’m hoping this won’t be a regular thing but I may have to have them every-so-often because my iron has always been low; I was anaemic all throughout my late teens/early twenties so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did want me to have more in the future.

Happy belated New Year, everyone!

I hope everyone’s had a good New Year so far. I’m unfortunately still flaring and I don’t know if the increased mercaptapurine and additional colesevelam are actually working anymore. It’s quite painful after eating and my dinner didn’t stay down last night so I’m feeling a bit unsure. I’ll probably give it another week and then call the helpline if things don’t improve. I also need to book my next infusion; for some reason I wasn’t given an appointment for my next one. I’m starting to feel as though I need them more often.

I spoke to my IBD nurse during my infusion and they’re going to change my infusions from influxamab to vedolizumab. She’s also going to arrange for a surgeon to talk to me about my options if the new infusion doesn’t work.

I’ve had such a good weekend

I slept in on Saturday (which I never do because I normally work on Saturdays) then went to meet my sister and her fiance (who are staying with us for a few days) at the train station, saw friends I haven’t seen in months for an early Christmas party and exchanged presents, and today (Sunday) me, my sister and her fiance went to a tudor museum which I haven’t been to since I was in school! We had Costa Christmas drinks too in the afternoon and then a big roast dinner with my fiance in the evening. Even though I am entirely out of spoons and in a bit of pain from eating too much/things I probably shouldn’t have, I had a really good two days. I hope tomorrow goes just as well; I’ve got my infusion in the morning but the afternoon is free so I want to spend more time with my sister before I go back to work on Tuesday.

I spoke to my IBD nurse yesterday and she said to try a mild laxative like milk of magnesia. I gave it a go last night and it seems to do the trick but it’s too early to tell if it’s helped with the pain in my side. The nurse has also said someone will come talk to me on Monday when I have my next infusion. I’m apparently on the highest meds they can give me so they probably can’t do anything else except maybe change the frequency of my infusions. I guess I’ll find out Monday.