Just enjoyed a (mostly) gluten-free dinner of stir-fried sweet and sour chicken, homemade fried chips and chopped bacon, with Yeo Rhubarb and Custard yogurt for after. I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did the wonderful fiancee) and even though the sauce had gluten in it, I haven’t bloated!

I’m almost ready for trip to Lincoln tomorrow; I’ve made myself gluten-free pasta with cream cheese and chopped bacon to eat on the train, and I’m bringing some gluten-free jam tarts and rice cakes to snack on if I need to take meds on the go.

Speaking of meds, I’ve got myself a week pill pot with four sections per day, so I can put all the pills I’ll need during my stay in one place without having to bring loads of boxes and bottles with me. I got it from Amazon so if anyone needs one, I’ll post a link later.

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