hatred of disabled people doesn’t have to be blatant:

  • complaining about “people who walk slowly”
  • calling people with specific dietary restrictions needy/fakers/high-maintenance/etc.
  • insinuating someone isn’t responsible if they’re “living in their parents’ basement”/some variation thereof
  • insinuating that students with disabilities are actually “cashing in on special treatment”
  • praising what are basically snuff films about disabled characters
  • defending the casting of abled people for disabled roles
  • defending paying us lower wages

*swoons at the accuracy*

also complaining about

  • people who talk slowly
  • people who read slowly/cant read aloud
  • people who take the elevator for only 1 floor (my college had really slow elevators in all the buildings and people would constantly bitch about this and even yell at people for taking the elevator instead of the stairs)
  • people who need you to repeat yourself multiple times before they can understand you

I’ve been guilty of some of these things in the past – the walking slowly comments, the elevator thing. I’m sorry. These are behaviors and thoughts we all need to unlearn.

^^^ This is how to be a good ally, too: by recognizing behaviors that need to be changed, and proactively changing them, and then urging others to do the same.  Thank you.

Reblogged this before but the last comment added on is worth the reblog again.

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