Travelling with a stoma +reversal update

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, we’ve been so busy I just haven’t had a chance to do any updates. So, we went to Holland for a week. We stayed with friends and went to a LAN party Friday through to Sunday which was held in a school (so plenty of space, power outlets and free hot drinks from the machines). We had a really great time there and I can’t wait to go back again. We went to Amsterdam to visit the Rijks Museum and the Anne Frank House which were both very interesting and moving. I had a fantastic time over there and was really sad to leave last night but I guess reality ensued. Anyway, as for how my stoma behaved, it was fine. Even when I ate a few things I probably shouldn’t have (onions ect), it didn’t cause any issues. Going through security on the way out there was easy (no questions, no pat down ect) and going through on the way back was fine too despite having a pat down (which they do for everyone). The Security guard who patted me down was fine when I told her I had an ostomy and said she even had a friend who has one. It’s amazing how common they are, we just don’t notice them on other people. So, now I’m back in the UK for the foreseeable future and I return to work again tomorrow which’ll be fun (Read: not).

In other news, I have a date for my reversal surgery! I’ll have the first one to form the J-pouch in June and, provided it goes well, I’ll have the final one to reversal my stoma completely in August/September time.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I was in quite a bit of pain – and still am – but the hot water bottle I got from my aunt has been put to good use over the pass two days. It seems to help at least a little with my cramps, and it does feel as though the colesevelam is working too. It’s either that or the upped does of mercaptapurine. Something seems to be working at least as I didn’t need the bathroom once last night.
I just hope I can sleep well again tonight so work isn’t too painful tomorrow.

Just enjoyed a (mostly) gluten-free dinner of stir-fried sweet and sour chicken, homemade fried chips and chopped bacon, with Yeo Rhubarb and Custard yogurt for after. I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did the wonderful fiancee) and even though the sauce had gluten in it, I haven’t bloated!

I’m almost ready for trip to Lincoln tomorrow; I’ve made myself gluten-free pasta with cream cheese and chopped bacon to eat on the train, and I’m bringing some gluten-free jam tarts and rice cakes to snack on if I need to take meds on the go.

Speaking of meds, I’ve got myself a week pill pot with four sections per day, so I can put all the pills I’ll need during my stay in one place without having to bring loads of boxes and bottles with me. I got it from Amazon so if anyone needs one, I’ll post a link later.