So, I realise it’s only been a short couple of weeks since I cut out dairy and gluten from my diet, but I’ve found that although gluten makes me bloat, I can have small amounts of it and be mostly fine. This means I will still be going gluten free but I know it won’t be too bad if I have the smallest amount once in a while. In the case of dairy, I am fine with cheese. No problems with cheese whatsoever, but milk and chocolate cause my stomach to ache the most so I’m have almond milk instead and only very small amounts of chocolate at a time (I’ve tried the dairy free stuff and I’m not too keen). It does mean I’ll probably come across as a?picky eater but if that’s what I’ve got to do to make myself comfortable then I’ll deal with it. Has anyone else had to do weird diet things like this?

New(ish) diet

So, before having my stoma surgery, I was greatly restricted to what I could eat and even more so the weeks leading up to my surgery. I had to almost completely cut out fruit and vegetables, couldn’t handle most meats or carbs, and had to go gluten free in an effort to reduce my UC symptoms. This, unsurprising, didn’t work. Since my surgery, however, I have been able to eat some fruits and vegetables, more meats, carbs, dairy and gluten. That is until recently; I’ve found that I bloat after eating things such as bread, pizza and pasta, and I get mild stomach pains whenever I eat dairy. This has only really become a problem in the last couple of weeks so I’ve decided to try a gluten and dairy free diet for the next few months to see if this improves things.

I’ve had a productive day today; got my humira delivered this morning (no one’s arranged to come round to help me take it but I’m feeling pretty ok to take it on my own because I did three in the hospital, so I’ll be taking the next two doses tonight), I cleaned out the rats, went out and got a few cooking supplies, and then made gluten-free toffee cupcakes and chocolate brownies.
I’m feeling a lot better today but I’m a little tired now. Looking forward to seeing a friend (who I don’t get to see very often) tomorrow.

Just tried these for the first time and they are surprisingly tasty. I’m always a little wary with Schar products because I have tried some of their gluten-free biscuits in the past and they tasted awful. These, however, are flavourful and only 24kcal per. Also, low in fibre, so me-friendly.