I’m a little annoyed with myself today because yesterday I was feeling a lot better compared to Wednesday (in that I didn’t look like death and could actually go more than an hour with having to use the bathroom) but this morning I felt like I’d been hit by a truck; I didn’t sleep as well as the night before and my BM were looking like they’d be every hour again. Thankfully, things seem to have settled now but my stomach muscles are really soar so I’m back to taking paracetamol and codeine, at least for today.

I’m hoping the antibiotics I’m taking for the infection will kick in soon so my weekend of working goes as painlessly as possible. I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off, though, so I can catch up on my sleep. To be honest, I think that’s what I’m really needing; sleep. So, my plan for when I get back from my appointment on Monday is to build a spoonie-nest of blankets and pillows on my sofa and just dose the afternoon away.

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