Holiday start!

So I’ve been to gym again today. I did mostly leg weights but did a little bit on the cross-trainer as well. I’ve noticed my bad knee doesn’t like the cross-trainer too much though so I might have to give up on that and stick to a brisk walk on the treadmill instead.

I’ve also been cooking again; truffles are chilling in the fridge and just need to be covered in chocolate at some point, and the latest batch of brownies are on the cooling rack. I’ll be taking the brownies with me to Lincoln on Wednesday so I’m not allowing myself to eat any of them until then.

As for my symptoms, my bloating has gone down quite a bit now that I’m taking only four steroids a day, and even though my appetite is quite low at the moment, I’m able to eat normally. I’m sticking to a reduced-gluten diet at the moment so I’m feeling quite a bit better. I did have a little pain in my left side over the weekend but that’s gone now as have the headaches (mostly).

For those interested, the rats are getting new bedding this afternoon so I’ll be having fun trying to get them out of the cage; they won’t let me pick them up yet.

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