Made apple puff parcels this evening. I haven’t tried them yet but they seem to have come out ok. It’s just ready-to-use puff pastry cut into squares and put into a greased cupcake tin with apple sauce in the middle, egg wash on top and cook for about 25 mins at 200C. They didn’t take very long to make at all.

It took me all day because I had to take several breaks, but I made a banana and chocolate chip cake yesterday with whipped cream in the middle and chocolate cream and sprinkles on top.

I find cooking and baking relaxing and it gives me something to focus on whilst I recover.

I made garlic and honey chicken with oven chips for dinner tonight. It was really tasty and surprisingly easy to make. (Recipe here)

I may have over-eaten again though today; I’ve had quite a bit of one of my Easter eggs this evening, not to mention having a large lunch and snacks throughout the afternoon. I know it’s not a bad thing though because I need to put weight on (I lost almost a whole stone whilst in hospital).

I’ve had a productive day today; got my humira delivered this morning (no one’s arranged to come round to help me take it but I’m feeling pretty ok to take it on my own because I did three in the hospital, so I’ll be taking the next two doses tonight), I cleaned out the rats, went out and got a few cooking supplies, and then made gluten-free toffee cupcakes and chocolate brownies.
I’m feeling a lot better today but I’m a little tired now. Looking forward to seeing a friend (who I don’t get to see very often) tomorrow.

Had a very successful dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in ages. I made a mango chicken stir-fry, and then had hot gluten-free brownies with vanilla ice cream and homemade toffee sauce for pudding.

So far, my gut is behaving. Now, I’m off to bed for some well-earned sleep.

Day #1 back at work

I went back to work today, but only for the afternoon because the hospital recommended a phased return to work instead of going straight back into full days. It was tiring, even though we weren’t busy, but I feel ok. My legs ache from standing a lot but my stomach/gut have behaved themselves, mostly.

I’m looking forward to having a friend round for dinner this evening; I’m going to attempt stir-fried mango chicken with noodles.