Lazy Sunday


I’ve had a pretty lazy day today; I got up late (10am is late for me), did some housework but not much, had lunch and have been chilling on Youtube and playing Sims for most of the afternoon. I’m meeting with some work colleagues a little later to go to the gym for a (hopefully) gentle work out. I’ve re-established my membership for the time being as last Tuesday’s session went quite well, and I’m determined to get back into a semi-regular work out. I won’t do too much today but I will try and push myself a little more than last time.

As for my symptoms, my stomach is a little bloated (I’ve been mostly snacking today), but there’s no pain at the moment so that’s a bonus. I haven’t drank enough today but I’ll make up for that when I go to the gym.

And for those of you who are interested, our pet rats, Ysrela and Zynaida, are being super cute and snuggling up together in their tunnel. They have taken to sleeping in it recently, even though they have the hammocks (which they’ve chewed a whole through the lining of).

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