It seems no matter what I eat, I get bloated. I’ve kept to my gluten-free diet and eaten small meals but nothing seems to work. I hope it’s not because of the reduction in steroids; I’m on 5x 5mg per day now, going down to 4x 5mg next week. I’m starting to get anxious that I only stay in remission when I’m on the prednisolone and that the mercaptopurine and remicade won’t work on their own.

That’s exactly how I felt in the beginning and still feel now. The gluten-free diet works for some people, but it honestly never made a difference for me. The prednisone should help, but sometimes it takes a while. My last flare responded well to prednisone in the beginning, but it stopped working as well and I’ve been just teetering on the edge, not really fully flaring but not in remission for months now. I think it’s all about finding a good treatment like remicade or entyvvio to get back into complete remission. I’m on 6Mp now, and it’s made a big difference, but I’m still just right on the edge. I think you should start to (hopefully) feel better in a little while. It honestly just takes medicine a while to catch up with you sometimes. I know 6MP takes 3-6 months to even start working. I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you. I’ve been on 6MP for about a month now and the steroids I’m half way through (four out of eight weeks). I’ve got my third remicade infusion in just over two weeks which I’m actually looking forward to as the last one made me feel quite a bit better for at least a few days.

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