First day back!

I returned to work today. I’m starting slightly later but otherwise doing normal hours for the time being. My hours will likely go back to full time next week but it’s not long until I finish there and start working at the local hospital. I’m a little nervous about starting a new job because of my UC and recent surgery but at the same time really looking forward to it. (I’m going to do a post about starting a new job with chronic illness later).

Anyway, back to today; today went really well. We weren’t too busy so I was able to take it easy. I was able to stand longer than I thought I would so that’s a bonus, and it felt good to be getting back into the swing of things. I’m very tired now but not more than is normal for me.

As for how my general recovery is going, it’s going pretty well. My stomach is still swollen, particularly around my wound, but the wound is looking more like a scar and less like I’ve just had surgery. I don’t need to keep a dressing on it now which is great because I have a slight allergy to the adhesive. The skin where my ostomy bag used to sit is super itchy at times but e45 cream works to cool it down.

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