Four weeks later!

Yesterday was the four week mark since having my stoma taken down and my life with a j-pouch began. So, how has it been? Different is probably the best way to describe the last month for me. I’ve had good days and bad days. On the good, my pain levels have been pretty low and I’ve had a decent appetite which hasn’t caused discomfort when “going”. One bad days though, my pain has spiked and bathroom visits haven’t exactly been pleasant.

I’m taking paracetamol and codeine twice a day at the moment but sometimes I need ito take it more. I take it mostly for my stomach than anything else because occasionally I’ll get cramps which I’ve found recently happen just after eating. They pass soon enough but sometimes it gets a bit too much. Another thing I’ve notice happening this week is mild pain in my legs during the night and after walking around for long periods. I hope that’s not a DVT thing but I’ll be keeping an eye on it and talking to my GP if it continues.

Lastly, I’m due back at work in a week which, at the moment, I’m feeling quite positive about. I want to get back into a normal routine so the sooner I get back to work, the better. I’ve only got a month left with my current job before I leave though as I am starting a new job in May. I’ll be doing a separate post about starting a new job with IBD later so keep an eye out for that.

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