An interesting week

I’ve had an interesting week; Tuesday night through to yesterday (Wednesday) evening, I experienced horrible stomach cramps and my stoma stopped working. I called my GP for a phone consult and she did a home visit (because she didn’t want me to walk upto the surgery) to listen to my gut and check I wasn’t distended. Typically, my stoma started working about half an hour before she arrived at my flat, but she said my gut didn’t sound blocked. It didn’t, however, sound quite right to her either so she said to drink plenty and to only eat when I felt like it. I didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday but it seems whatever was causing the cramps has passed because the blobs been active all day today and I’ve been eating little meals throughout the day too. Doctor said to call if the cramps start again so I’ll need to keep an eye on things.

Other than that, I feel OK in myself. I’m sleeping a little better and I’m wanting to move around. I’m getting a little restless sitting at home all day everyday so I’m planning on going out for lunch with my mum tomorrow. I just hope the weather is nice and that I can manage the walk.

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