I survived my first Christmas as an ostomate!

(minor) TMI Warning!

I had some concerns about Christmas this year, all related to food and my bag. I know my family likes to make loads of food (enough to still have leftovers for at least two weeks) and I know it’s mostly meat and vegetables. Meat I’m fine with but I have had some issues with reintroducing vegetables to my diet. I’ve found, so far, that well-cooked carrots are ok in small doses and potatoes are ok when mashed or roasted. Most other veg I’ve not been brave enough to try just yet but I decided to give green cabbage a go today. It seemed to go through fine but, even though I took a loperomide before eating, my output was alot heavier this evening, so I’m making sure to drink plenty so as to avoid a blow out overnight.

I hope you’ve all had a good and safe winter holiday. And in case I don’t post before, happy new year.

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