Merry Christmas/Winter Holiday, everyone!

It’s been a little while since I last updated but there hasn’t been a lot to share. Seeing how it’s Christmas though – and we all know how fun that can be when it comes to the eating part – I thought I’d write a little update of how things have been since last time.

So, having since seen the dietitian and tried (and failed) to eat more fruit, I have started taking a multivitamin daily and have been having the occasional fruit smoothie (usually consisting of a bunch of bananas that are near going off and some chocolate chips and/or honey). I still have some tinned fruit which I’m planning of turning into smoothies at some point. Other than that though, I have been avoiding having much in the way of fruit and veg because of how badly my attempts to eat even just a little bit have gone. My stoma nurse agrees that I should listen to my body and eat what I know is safe for me, feeding back to my dietitian when I next see her.

As for the low sodium, I’ve given up drinking the St. Mark’s rehydration solution because it makes me super thirsty and I always go over my 2 litre daily fluid limit. Instead, I’ve been having other drinks like Lucozade and Sneak supplement drinks as they contain sodium as well as a load of other extra vitamins. With these, I’m able to stay within my daily fluid limit and I don’t feel thirsty at all by the evening. I realise this isn’t the same as taking the St. Mark’s solution, but it works better for me, and I am going to speak to my GP in the new year to make sure she is happy with what I am doing.

On a more positive note (minor TMI warning), I was able to eat Christmas dinner (complete with a few veggies) and so far so good; I haven’t had any issue passing anything and my stoma output has been ideal, with only a tiny bit of pancaking but no leaks! I was able to have carrots, roast potatoes as well as a spoonful of mashed swede, a piece of cauliflower and a single parsnip. I want to try and add more veg to my weekly meals, even if it’s just some carrots and potatoes, so this is a positive sign.

Anyway, whatever you celebreate, I hope you have had a fun-filled and safe 25th December.

End of year update (Minor TMI warning)

Just thought I’d do a little update before the new year.

I had my pre-assessment on Christmas Eve but still don’t have a date for the actual surgery. My mum said they usually do surgery within six weeks of pre-assessment because otherwise they have to do it again so I’m really hoping to get a date through soon.

I was hoping for it to be done by Christmas but I realise this time of year can get busy and I didn’t really fancy being in hospital over the winter holiday. This has meant I’ve needed to take some extra measures to make myself comfortable with my stoma; since getting out of hospital back in July, my output has been extra watery and really corrosive, meaning it burns through my convex bag within twelve hours.

I saw my stoma nurse a few months back and she gave me barrier rings which have helped a lot. However, even the rings aren’t enough to stop my output from burning through and damaging the skin around the blob so after speaking to both my GP and my stoma nurse again, I’ve upped my daily intake of Lopermide from a single table twice a day to two tablets twice a day. On top of that, I am also now taking a tablet of dehydrocodeine twice a day. All of this out together has helped to slow my system right down so the output is thicker and it doesn’t burn through anywhere near as quickly as before.

I still get the occasional day where I need to change the bag early because the output is burning the skin but those are few and far between.

Aside all that, I’m doing well, my weight is steady. I haven’t gained much since my surgery but I’m no longer underweight so, bonus! I’m still struggling with eating beg and fruit but I’m taking multivitamins which I feel are helping.

I’ve had blood tests done as well as a urine sample to see if I need another iron infusion before my surgery because I mentioned I’m very tired all the time. I don’t have the results yet but I’m hoping to get them soon.

Anyway, that’s about sums up everything that’s been going on with me recently. Thanks for reading and supporting me this year. I hope everyone has had a great winter holiday and I wish everyone a very happy and safe New Year!

I survived my first Christmas as an ostomate!

(minor) TMI Warning!

I had some concerns about Christmas this year, all related to food and my bag. I know my family likes to make loads of food (enough to still have leftovers for at least two weeks) and I know it’s mostly meat and vegetables. Meat I’m fine with but I have had some issues with reintroducing vegetables to my diet. I’ve found, so far, that well-cooked carrots are ok in small doses and potatoes are ok when mashed or roasted. Most other veg I’ve not been brave enough to try just yet but I decided to give green cabbage a go today. It seemed to go through fine but, even though I took a loperomide before eating, my output was alot heavier this evening, so I’m making sure to drink plenty so as to avoid a blow out overnight.

I hope you’ve all had a good and safe winter holiday. And in case I don’t post before, happy new year.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I was in quite a bit of pain – and still am – but the hot water bottle I got from my aunt has been put to good use over the pass two days. It seems to help at least a little with my cramps, and it does feel as though the colesevelam is working too. It’s either that or the upped does of mercaptapurine. Something seems to be working at least as I didn’t need the bathroom once last night.
I just hope I can sleep well again tonight so work isn’t too painful tomorrow.

Merry Christmas

I’ve been pretty self-destructive today by eating things I shouldn’t have. I’m hurting quite a bit right now so I guess I’m paying for it. Pain killers are next on my list.

I won’t be online for a couple of days but I hope everyone has a spoon-filled Christmas/Winter holiday.

I’ve had such a good weekend

I slept in on Saturday (which I never do because I normally work on Saturdays) then went to meet my sister and her fiance (who are staying with us for a few days) at the train station, saw friends I haven’t seen in months for an early Christmas party and exchanged presents, and today (Sunday) me, my sister and her fiance went to a tudor museum which I haven’t been to since I was in school! We had Costa Christmas drinks too in the afternoon and then a big roast dinner with my fiance in the evening. Even though I am entirely out of spoons and in a bit of pain from eating too much/things I probably shouldn’t have, I had a really good two days. I hope tomorrow goes just as well; I’ve got my infusion in the morning but the afternoon is free so I want to spend more time with my sister before I go back to work on Tuesday.

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, I’ve been sleeping for most of it and I had a bit of a busy morning today. So far, I’m doing ok although I had a bit of a weird stomach cramp this morning which woke me up about three times last night and was also the reason I struggled to go back to sleep after my fiance left for work. It was sort of stabbing around my naval and lasted for about a minute at a time. It went away after I had some tea so I don’t know if it was just that I needed to eat/drink something? I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Other than that, I think I’m alright. I’ve been able to eat fairly normally today and my appetite is going back to normal I think. It feels a little weird to no long be taking so many meds each day but it’s also a relief; less to remember and worry about.

I’m not normally a big Christmas fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I’m not one to start decorating in November. I know this year is going to be stressful as it’s the first Christmas since my diagnosis and my parents are worried I won’t be able to eat much of what they usually cook for Christmas dinner. I’ve told them I should be fine so long as I’m not having a bad day (in which case, I’ll just avoid all veg and not have any pudding), but I can’t help but be a little worried that my UC may try and ruin it.