Travelling with a stoma, part 2

So I went to Lincoln (which is about 200 miles-ish north from where I live) to visit family over the weekend. We travelled by car, which is usually a 4-5 hour journey. It was the first time I’ve travelled in a car for any real length of time since getting baggie so I had some concerns about having to make extra stops as well as the position of the seat belt. As it turned out, we didn’t have to make extra stops because my stoma was thankfully very inactive for most of the journey. Also, because it’s getting pretty cold now, I had a thick coat on which kept the seat belt away from my stomach.

As for supplies, I did my usual and packed more than I needed, just in case. We were only there for three nights, which meant two changed for me, but I still brought an extra bag in case something happened.

I didn’t run into any issues with baggie over the weekend aside from the cold causing my muscles to ache a little. Other than that, I had a great weekend.

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