General update

So, still no sign of my humira. I’ve spoken to the hospital and been bounced around from place to place but no one seems to know anything, so I’ve left a message with the homecare department in hopes they’ll call me back with some news.

Otherwise, I think I’m feeling better. BM have slowed but still aren’t “normal”. I’m able to get near my recommended daily calories but I’m finding it hard with just food so I’m taking fortisip drinks in the morning. My weight is staying put (just under the minimum weight recommend for my height/gender), so I’m not putting anything on but I’m losing anymore either.

I think my insomnia is slowly going too; I woke up around two this morning but didn’t take hours to get back to sleep again so I actually slept for a lot longer than I have been. I hope this continues.

I’m also now working for the rest of the week (although, only short shifts) so I’ll be kept busy. I’m hoping it’ll help take my mind off my flare and just get me back into a normal working routine. There has been talk of possibly cutting some of my hours, which I would rather not do, but we’ll see.

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