Sunday morning

I think I slept a little better last – in that I didn’t wake up to the lady next to me trying to get out of bed and go home at three in the morning.

I’m still experiencing some discomfort from my flexi yesterday morning so the nurse recommended I go for a wonder to try and shift some of the gas still trapped in my gut. It’s a shame because it’s wet and cold out today where as yesterday (when I was too tired to leave the ward) was nice and sunny.

Speaking of the flexi, I spoke to the out-of-hours doctor last night and results are back saying nothing abnormal (for me) so the usual inflammation is present but nothing dangerous. They have to wait until tomorrow though to get any decisions made on my treatment so it’ll probably be a quiet day today.

My aunt might come to visit later, and my parents will too, which’ll be nice because I don’t get to see her often. Other than that, today will likely be filled with me playing mahjong on my tablet. It keeps me somewhat mentally active and gives me a great distraction from everything.

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