Warning! Slightly graphic post ahead!

Flexi all done (at last). The prep was just a standard enema but it was so painful! I had to have a nurse assist me. Then I was in a lot of pain for about an hour where I wanted to go to the bathroom but there wasn’t anything to pass so I just had to wait for the sensation to go. The flexi itself was also quite painful but the sedative took the edge off, at least. The nurse even offered me his hand to squeeze.

I’m feeling pretty bloated from the gas they pumped into me so I’m still hurting but nowhere near as badly as I was before.
The plan now is to rest before lunch, eat as much lunch as I can (only ordered a small omlette and jelly for after), then to rest for the afternoon before my parents come to visit me.

Sorry if anyone found this a bit of an overshare but I feel sometimes you can’t always hide the “gross” side of having IBD.

I hope you are all having a relaxed and spoon-filled day.

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