Just an update

The work issue has been solved. I spoke to my team leader and he offered to talk to my colleague for me. He had a chat before she started her shift and apparently, she was very apologetic. I didn’t need her to apologise to me so my TL told her to just draw a line under it and make sure she doesn’t do it again. This has made working with her less daunting so I’m happy.

In other news, I’m being good today. I’ve had gluten-free cereal, grapes, tea and gluten-free savoury rice cake snacks for lunch. My stomach has cramped it’s way through most of this morning but I hope the gentle food stops it from hurting too much this afternoon. I’m not sure what I’ll eat for dinner but I’ll try and stick with the few safe foods I have at the moment. Chicken maybe? Possible with rice or noodles. I haven’t tried steamed vegetables in a while so maybe that with a little grated cheese on top. We’ll see.

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