Having gluten-free chicken pie, potato waffles and beans for dinner. I don’t think I’ve eaten too well this week so this is probably the first proper meal I’ve had. I’ll try and do this more often.

In other news, I was strangely energetic today. So much so that I only had one caramel tea all day. My cold certainly seems to be going so I’m feeling a lot better than I was over the weekend. I know I’ll be exhausted after work on Sunday, but at least I can relax for two days after. I still have my weekly blood test to go to on Monday but that’s the only thing I need to go out for. Otherwise, I can just chill and recover from the long working week. I’ll likely put aside some time to make more bracelets. I’m going to try and work out a few more generic designs but we’ll see. I’m finding it quite relaxing.

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