My stomach has not been happy the last few days.


It’s been hurting and a little extra sensitive to most foods. I’m sticking to my gluten free diet so I’m not bloating, but the pain is still pretty bad, if occasional. I stuck with mostly fruit today but I did have some of my brownies for lunch, and I’ve just had some scrambled eggs for dinner. Might try some chocolate later, though, if I’m hungry. I need to call the hospital back at some point as well; I think it’s to try and sort out what they want to replace my azathioprine with.

I honestly think this is all to do with my coming off the steroids. I only have three more days of them then I finish the course, so it could be that which is causing my gut to hurt. I should have expected it really; last time I came off steroids, I almost immediately relapsed. Still, three days off work after tomorrow so I can chill and recover, at least.

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