Hospital-selfie because I’m trying to stay positive and because I can.

Thank you to @natsufatsu, @thatchronicfeeling, and @sillyriceball for all your kind words and helpful advise. I will be talking to my doctor again tomorrow about starting trials for vedolizumab but I may still request to speak to the surgical team just so I have a better understanding of what they can do and what the risks are. That way, I’ll have all the information and I think I’ll start to feel a lot better about my current health situation.

Thank you @natsufatsu. It is a difficult decision to make and it’s good to hear from you and get others opinions on these things. For now, I have decided I’m going to opt for trialling at least the vedolizumab before making any more permanent decisions. I spoke to my sister, @sillyriceball, about it as well and she has been very helpful for bouncing ideas off of too. She agrees I should try at least this one last drug. I don’t want to skip it in case it does work, and even if it only gives me a few months relief, I think it’s worth it. I’ve been a bit depressed about being in hospital again and just want things to go back to some level of normal.

I spoke to my IBD nurse during my infusion and they’re going to change my infusions from influxamab to vedolizumab. She’s also going to arrange for a surgeon to talk to me about my options if the new infusion doesn’t work.