I’ve been less stiff today; I slept for a bit on the sofa last night with a hot water bottle on my stomach next to my bag and the pressure-heat combo seemed to relax my muscles. Also, my ankles aren’t as swollen today.

I’m still a little tender around the middle but I think that’s a combination of having done too much over the weekend and having a bit of trapped wind. I feel more comfortable than yesterday though so if I continue to take it easy over the next couple of days, things should improve.

Feeling a little fragile this evening. My stomach and gut feel heavy and tight but not painful. I’m also bloated from the steroids and my ankles have swollen again. I think I may have over done last weekend.

I’m getting tired but I don’t really want to go to bed felling like this. I think I’ll put a film on and lay on the sofa with my feet elevated. That’s helped before and, if I lay on my back but prop myself up a bit, it might help my stomach relax.

I hardly slept last night so I’m feeling pretty awful today. I’ve been dosing on and off all morning but I don’t feel any better for it. I’ve barely eaten anything either because my stomach is hurting. I’m hoping a nice warm shower will make me feel better but first I need to gather some spoons from somewhere to get out of bed.

Feeling so very tired after the last three days at work but I’m also feeling positive that things are returning to some variation of normal. My symptoms are still present and, although they haven’t improved much since I left the hospital, they haven’t gotten any worse. I feel things are manageable at the moment but I’m keeping a very close eye on what my body is doing and how it’s reaction to food as well as my medications.
I’ve got one more day at work before I get a day off but if it’s anything like today was, I’ll be ok. I’m planning on sleeping most of Sunday so I’m ready for next week.

I slept for most of yesterday (Monday) and Sunday. I wish I could have more days like that. It felt good to not have to get up for anything but still be able to do a few bits in the afternoon.
The only problem is I still feel tired after something like ten hours sleeping. I wonder if I should spend my week off work next week in bed… It’s not like I have to go anywhere or do anything.