Recovery update!

I managed to go out twice in the last five days! I’m back to using my walking stick but I don’t think I’ll be needing it for as long this time. I can walk faster and for longer now verses last year, but I still need the extra support when going out for a long time. The stick also acts as a warning to others that I can’t move that quickly and they may need to be careful when moving around me. It doesn’t always work though as I have had a couple of people (noticeably older people) who have felt it would be fine to just knock me with their bags. Luckily, I was stationary and with someone else when this happened but still.

(Side note: It’s odd but I have found that the people who are the most considerate and take note of my stick are around the same age as me (30) or younger. I don’t mean this as a slight against older generations, it’s just something I’ve noticed.)

Anyway, in terms of eating, I think I’ve been over-estimating my guts capacity because I have had stomach cramps on and off for the last few days. It was worse yesterday (Tuesday) but it seems to have gone for now. I’m finding that the cramps are most severe if I eat too much stodgy food (like bread, batter, pastry ect) and this makes me feel sick. I’m going to try and eat four small meals a day instead of two big ones (I don’t eat breakfast). For today though, I’m only having snacks every now and then because my gut is still sore.

I spoke to my stoma nurse yesterday and she confirmed that blood from a new stoma is common, but to speak to my GP is the blood is coming from inside my stoma. As the blood seems to have stopped for now, I won’t be calling my GP. However, if it happens again, I will.

The skin directly underneath my stoma was red and sore when I changed my bag yesterday but the barrier cream seems to soothe it a little bit. The annoying thing is, when I saw the nurses on Thursday, my stoma and skin were both fine. I’ve taken a picture of what the skin was like yesterday so when I see them next, I can show them. I’m hoping the skin clears up on its own and that the blood was a one off.

As for the cramps, it seems my eating mini pizzas causes them to get worse. I’m not sure why they do but I think it’s best I avoid pizza for a while. I’ve been using a hot water bottle at night to relax my muscles so I can sleep, but I still need to take painkiller. I’m still taking paracetamol regularly but I’m also taking codeine and buscopan (IBS relief) on occasion.

Day 21

My stomach cramps kept me awake last night so all I’ve been doing today is dose. I haven’t eaten anything because I’ve been throwing up. I’ve been advised to sip water for now but they’ve also given me IV fluids because I’m dehydrated.

The doctor said he doesn’t know what’s causing the pain but he wants to wait and see what happens over night before ordering an xray. I think they’ll do one anyway but not until the morning.

Right now, the pain is fairly minimal but it’s been coming in waves so it’s difficult to tell if the painkillers are actuality doing anything.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I was in quite a bit of pain – and still am – but the hot water bottle I got from my aunt has been put to good use over the pass two days. It seems to help at least a little with my cramps, and it does feel as though the colesevelam is working too. It’s either that or the upped does of mercaptapurine. Something seems to be working at least as I didn’t need the bathroom once last night.
I just hope I can sleep well again tonight so work isn’t too painful tomorrow.

Bun-less burgers with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce on top and a side of potato wedges. Not the healthiest of dinners but gluten-free and just what I needed.

The pain in my side from earlier has gone and I’m feeling ok. Although I’m still nervous about coming off the steroids, I think I’ll continue to be alright if I’m careful with my food. I’m going to try and have a bit more fruit (I’ve had only the occasional satsuma since coming out of hospital last month), and I’m going to try and stick to as gluten-free a diet as I can. I’ll go back to making gluten-free brownies soon. I might also try a few gluten-free cookie recipes a go too; it’s almost Halloween so I might try some of the themed recipes I’ve seen.