I’ve stuck with what I said I would eat for dinner (left over pizza, and yogurt for after) but I’ve also had some (read: loads) biscuits. Kind of regretting it because they weren’t gluten-free and I have a small food-baby now but I don’t feel as stuffed and uncomfortable as I did yesterday. I’ve only gone over my calorie count by a little bit so I don’t feel guilty. I’ll be having a small lunch again tomorrow, and if I continue like that for the rest of the week, I should start to feel quite a bit better. Gluten-free cereal, crackers and cheese, and chicken with pasta will very likely be on the menu for this week. Wish me luck!

I’m trying to be good today. I’ve only had one caramel tea this morning and for lunch I had gluten-free cereal with milk and a packet of low calorie, gluten-free crisps. I know I said I shouldn’t really have crisps but I was still a little hungry after the cereal. Tonight though, I’ve got left over thin and crispy pizza and a fruit yoghurt. It takes me under my daily calorie count but given how much I’ve eaten recently, I’m sure I won’t starve.

My stomach has bloated a tiny bit but I think I’ll be ok. I’m trying to drink more today but my headache from this morning is threatening to return. I hope this afternoon goes quickly.