Another update

I’m going to home today! I’ve got two weeks of Modulen, to be assessed after that and potentially continue for a further four weeks, when I’ll have another flexi sigmoidoscopy to see if the ulcers have gone from my small intestine.

They still don’t know if it is Crohn’s or not but my GI is about 90% sure it’s not due to how suddenly it came on and how quickly I reacted to treatment. He said it’s “more likely to come back as inflammation of the small bowel”.

My dietitian said that if it comes back as not Crohn’s, then I can move onto Fortisip drinks instead. The liquid diet will be gentle on my gut as it heals while still giving me the daily nutrients I need.

Apparently, UK GPs don’t like non-Crohn’s patients being put onto Modulen because it is so expensive. That’s why she’s given me two weeks worth from the hospital so that they don’t need to involve my GP yet. Fortisip is cheaper and not specifically targeted at Crohn’s patients, so my GP shouldn’t mind doing a prescription for those if needed.

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