Day ten of being a j-poucher

Today marks just over a week since I had my loop ileostomy closed and my jpouch put to work properly. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a weird experience gaining back control over when I poop; weird and a bit painful.

I expected it to be painful so I’m not surprised. It’s similar to the pain I had when I still had my colon but it’s in a more concentrated spot.

I’m taking painkillers regularly but it’s difficult to get comfy, both during the day and at night. I’m finding ways around this though with cushions and laying on my side instead of my back (which I’ve found causes pain in my stomach as well as near my pouch).

As for food, I’m eating four to five small meals/snack during the day, with the last of these being no later that eight in the evening so as to lessen the risk of issues at night.

Speaking of night time, I was terrified I would have leaks and accidents while I slept but, so far, everything’s been fine. I have a pack of incontinence pants just in case but I’m hoping I won’t ever have to use them.

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