I was admitted a day early

Last night my pain around my stoma returned and it spread to above my naval. At first, I tried a hot water bottle and drinking plenty but after a few hours, the pain only got worse. I called 111 who advised I speak with a Health Care Professional and put me on the callback list. Within about ten minutes of finishing that call however, my pain spiked and I started throwing up. My partner called 111 again and they sent out an ambulance. I was fitted with a cannula and given IV paracetamol in my bedroom before being taken to my local A&E. I waited for several hours, having blood and urine tests, and an xray of my abdomen done while I did so. I arrived at the hospital around midnight and was in A&E until five in the morning when I was taken to the Acute Surgical Unit. I stayed there all day and have recently been moved to the Surgical Day Unit in preparation for my surgery tomorrow.

The consultant I saw this morning said my small intestine below my stoma looked a bit dilated in the xray and it’s possible I have a partial bowel obstruction. My surgeon said they will need to check my bloods again in the morning before giving the go-a-head for surgery. My inflammation markers are high and my white blood cell count was high last night but went down this morning. Provided that continues to reduce overnight, all should go as planned tomorrow.

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