Well, that’s annoying.

I arrived at the hospital this morning at seven thirty with my partner and mum. We sat in the waiting room of the Surgical Day Unit for about an hour before I was taken through to see the anaesthetist. I then saw my surgeon to sign the consent form and he informs me I am second on the list. Great, so I shouldn’t be waiting too long, right?

Wrong. I was waiting until about half past three when the booking manager comes over and tell me there has been an emergency and they have to cancel my appointment. Frustrating but I completely understand; no one can predict an emergency.

We got home shortly after this and about an hour later I got some good news; they’ve got a new date in two weeks time.

I won’t deny I was annoyed about having to go home without having had my surgery, but I can’t blame the hospital, my surgeon or the emergency patient. This sort of thing happens and getting angry won’t solve anything. I’m just glad I’ve got a new date so soon.

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