I’ve had an interesting last couple of weeks. Aside from the aforementioned surgery and subsequent cancellation of said surgery, I found that one of my surgical wounds from June was starting to open. It’s situated under my bag so I didn’t notice it until last week but the very end nearest my stoma had started to open and has formed a tiny hole about 2-3mm long. Not really a problem until I noticed it was bleeding. I called the hospital and they said speak to my GP who, after a phone consult, gave me antibiotics because she said it sounded like I had a minor infection.

I’ve been taking the pills for about a week now and they seem to be working but I’m still a little concerned as the hole hasn’t closed completely. It’s not bleeding anymore though, so I guess that’s a small sign of improvement. Because it’s under my bag, I do wonder if something got into the would from the adhesive or while I was changing my bag and that’s what caused it to open. Because the adhesive sits right on top of the wound, I’ve started covering it with a small plaster so I’ve finally found a use for the tiny round plasters that every pack seems to include but no one ever has a use for. I think that’s helping to keep it clean, at least, so it should heal a little faster.

No news yet on a date for my surgery but I’m hoping it’ll be soon. On an entirely unrelated note, I’m thinking of started my own WhatCanIEat blog website. I’m not sure when or how but I’ll post more if/when it happens.

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