Recovery update

I’ve had an interesting couple of days; blob’s been ok but he was particularly windy yesterday and last night, and today the stomach cramps have increased so that I’m taking codeine as well as paracetamol to try and numb it (it’s not working that well though). I know it’s still early days but I thought the pain would be pretty low at this point.

Food-wise, I’m trying to have breakfast everyday (which isn’t something I usually do) and snack between meals to try and get my stomach and gut used to processing food again. I’ve also lost some weight since my surgery (just under a stone) so, although I don’t need to put any on as I’m just borderline ok for my demographic, but I wouldn’t mind putting a little bit back on so I don’t look underweight.

I am sleeping better, which is always a bonus, so I don’t feel like I need to have a mid-afternoon nap anymore, but I’m still very tired and I get worn out after doing simple tasks like putting some clothes away or putting something into the oven for dinner. I know it’ll take some time to build my strength back up though so I am trying to take it easy.

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