Day 18

Feeling pretty good today; I slept ok last night (it took me a while to actually get to sleep though) but because it’s Sunday, they let us sleep in a bit later than during the week. (Meaning lights on was at 8am instead of 7am).

I’ve been eating solids with no problems and my stoma is looking a little healthier now. The stitches, which gave it a sort of spider-on-its-back kind of look, are dissolving and it’s not quite as flat now. The skin around it is pretty sore but I think that’s because of all the bile that was coming out of it before. I am using my barrier cream which sends to be helping a bit.

I’m still on TPN until tomorrow evening but hopefully that’ll be the last of it. I’m not as achy around the middle as I was after my first surgery so I can walk a lot easier, however, I’m going to take it easy still incase I accidentally hernia myself.

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