Day 15

I slept much better last night so I am feeling a lot better today. I’m still on TPN and it looks like they’re going to continue that over the weekend (the nutrition doctor said they want to up the calories I’m taking in). They’ve closed off the NG tube but it’s still in just in case. Nothing is coming out of it but it’s making my nose run so I’m going through tissues like a mad woman.

Overall, no pain so far today, not even when my stoma is doing stuff. I haven’t had a IV paracetamol since this morning because I didn’t feel I needed it this afternoon.

I’m currently enjoying not being on the ward and am sat in the lobby of the hospital. It’s pretty warm here but not overly so. I can also smell all the food from the M&S cafe and Costa that this hospital has (it’s like a mini shopping centre). It’s a shame I can’t eat any of it but I’m sure I will be soon.

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