Day 12 – update

They did a CT scan this afternoon and, although there are no twists in my bowel like they suspected, it does appear my small intestine has gone to sleep. They put in an NG tube last night so I’m no longer throwing up nor do I get major stomach cramps anymore, but it is irritating my throat a bit. Still the lesser of two evils.

As for cannulas, I’ve been through three in twenty-four hours so it would seem my veins are starting to give up.

I’ve been nil by mouth for the best part of a week so they want to put in a PIC line (sorry if that’s the wrong spelling) tomorrow morning so I can have some nutrition.

To be honest, I don’t want anymore tubes in me. I’m hurting and uncomfortable from everything they’ve had to do already and I’m not looking forward to having anything else. But I know it for the best; if I want to go home, it’s through a path of tubes.

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