Day 10

Sorry for posting so late, it’s been another interesting day. I was able to sleep a bit better last night because of the paracetamol and morphine they’d given me and I woke up with very little pain. I had a couple mouthfuls of cereal but couldn’t eat anymore. I then started having a mild cramp in my stomach which got slowly worse as the morning went on so I requested only jelly and ice cream for lunch. I managed the jelly but a few hours later, I threw up a load of green bile (green, we’ve deduced because of the bright green colour of the apple fortijuce I had drank the day before).

This prompted the doctor to try a second NG tube but the nurse accidentally hit a blood vessel and I had a big nosebleed so they’ve opted not to put one in for now. The doctors also don’t think a tube will help as what I’m bringing up is mostly bile and my stoma has started working, albeit slowly. It seems I’m being sick over the pain in my stomach so they are giving me IV paracetamol every six hours and a morphine injection as a top up.

I threw up again this evening, which seemed to oddly help with the pain. And I’ve been going for walks up and down the corridor to try and shift the wind that’s still trapped in my bowel.

I don’t think I’ll be going home any time soon but at least I’m in the best place for me right now. I just wish I could be better so I could go home and sleep in my own bed.

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