Day 7 – update

Well, I’ve had an interesting day; I woke up without any cramps but a very stiff back from actually having slept and a sore throat from the NG tube. They took me for an xray of my tummy and, whilst waiting for it, I gagged a little from the tube, causing me to cough and strain my stomach muscles. Because of said strain, when it came to laying down for the xray, I was quite uncomfortable. The technicians were kind and offered an extra pillow and helped me get back up again though.

Once I was back on the ward, I started gagging on the tube again and started to bring up watery bile. This happened a second time and I asked them to remove the tube, which they did. It helped immediately and I was feeling quite OK for a few hours. This afternoon, however, I had a massive stomach cramp that was causing me to heave and they had to give me IV paracetamol and anti-sickness. I then promptly threw up again but then the pain died down. They gave me oralmorph and I was able to sleep for an hour or so.

Since having woken up, my pain has been minimal and I’ve even been able to drink some water (which I was throwing up before). They’ve taken me off IV fluids for now as the blob is working a bit more now and I’m able to drink. I’m really hoping this is it and I’ll get better from here. Fingers and toes crossed!

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