It’s very late where I am right now and, as is quite normal for me in hospitals, I can’t sleep. So, I thought I’d update you all.

Well, surgery went well. I’m on a fentalyn PCA and intravenous paracetamol, have a drain in my side (which doesn’t appear to be draining anything anymore) have a cathatar in, and an oxygen nose tube. The lovely thigh-high stockings they made me wear through surgery were too itchy so I’m now wearing knees-highs instead.

My pain is farely mild, considering, and I felt a lot better when I woke up this time vs last year when I had my colon removed. I had brain fog so I was slurring my words for several hours after I woke up this evening, and I kept having micronaps mid-conversation because of the anaesthetic. I’m annoyingly quite awake now but I will try and sleep as best I can.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and helping me through this, especially @sillyriceball & @thatchronicfeeling

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