Travelling with a stoma… again

So, I’m going to be flying to Holland in just under two weeks. I haven’t flown since having my ostomy so I made sure to read plenty of articles about it. Pretty much all of them are positive, saying that it shouldn’t be any different from flying without an ostomy. One recommended that, once I get to security, I tell the officers that I have a bag just in case. Has anyone else travelled via plane with an ostomy? Did it cause any issues at security?

Another thing someone said they do is split their supplies/medication between their main and hand luggage so if one gets lost, they still have some of their medical supplies. The issue I have with this is that your main luggage is more at risk of getting misplaced than your hand luggage. When travelling, I tend to be quite careful to not leave anything behind or lose sight of my bag so I prefer to travel with all my supplies in my hand luggage. I do realise, however, that this doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you have a lot to take with you.

One more thing I wanted to share was that some airlines apparently offer extra hand luggage allowance for medical supplies which I think is worth checking out. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

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