Surgery #2

So, I saw my new surgeon last Thursday and I think it went quite well. He explained everything that has been done already and what happens to form a J-pouch. He also reassured me that I can go back to an ostomy if the j-pouch doesn’t work out.

Apparently, they usually wait until six months after the initial surgery to do the next one but I said I’d rather wait until next year. I have another appointment with him again in December so I’ve got plenty of time to decided when I want to go for my next surgery.

I was thinking April 2018 but after speaking with my boss (who has a similar condition but hasn’t got a diagnosis yet), I think I’d rather do it earlier. She recommended January because the weather in April will be warmer which could effect my BM; the last thing I need straight after surgery would be complications because of the heat. I’m going to take a little more time to decided but I agree that earlier would be better. I found that over winter last year I could (sort of) control my UC symptoms a little better with heat pads, despite the meds I was on at the time not actually working without the assistance of pred.

Also, if I go ahead in January, hopefully all my surgeries will be over by April/May. My surgeon said they usually wait at least three months before doing the final surgery that’ll remove the blob.

It feels a little strange to think that I would have gone almost a year exactly from diagnosis to surgery and then another year from first surgery to final surgery. I’m a little excited; part of me wants to say “no, don’t wait! Get it over with!” However, I don’t want to be in hospital over Christmas so I think it’s worth me waiting until the new year.

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