I’m still disassociating a little but not as much as I was before. I think it was brought on the other night because I was quite tired and also feeling a little down which was mostly due to the news of late as well as my week off being almost over. Oddly, I’ve found that when I’m wearing my glasses, instead of my contact lenses, the DR gets stronger. I think that has to do with the lack of peripheral vision I have when wearing them (I’m practically blind without any correction.).

On another note, I go back to work on Tuesday after having a week off so I could spend time with my sister who came to visit with her fiance. My fiance goes back to work tomorrow so I’ll have the whole flat to myself (aside from the furbabies). I’m thinking a Lord of the Rings marathon is in order. I haven’t watched them in ages so I think it’s about time.

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