Emergency ostomy kit

So. a while back I said I’d do a post about my emergency kit and what I kept in it, for when I go out. So here it is!

Let’s start with the bag; it’s just a simple, one-compartment, zip-up make-up bag. Nothing big or fancy. It fits into my handbag and, because it’s a make-up bag, it’s discreet.

Next, the contents. So, I always take two ostomy bags (currently uncut because my stoma hasn’t settle on a size yet), two disposal bags, a pair of scissors (I’ve got proper curved ostomy ones but for the kit, I use curved nail scissors because it’s easier than swapping my scissors out every time I want to go anywhere), a measuring template (Charter sent me a small fold-up one with their welcome kit), a small pot for holding water (mine came with some make-up pads in it but you should be able to get empty ones), a travel pack of wet wipes, a handful of dry wipes, adhesive removal spray and a compact mirror. I also keep a little elasticated clip (again, from the Charter welcome kit) which you attach one end to the collar of your shirt/t-shirt/dress and the other to the hem in order to keep it out the way while you sort yourself out. If you don’t have one, ladies, tucking your top/dress/ect up under your bra is just as effective. Otherwise, maybe ask your stoma nurse or whoever you get your supplies from if you they can give you one.

I don’t keep a spare pair of pants in my kit, purely because they don’t fit, but if you can fit a pair in there, do so; there’s nothing worse than having cleaned and changed your bag after an accident but still being stuck in soiled pants.

And that’s it. I hope this was helpful to at least one person.

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