A chilled day

I’ve had a good start to the bank holiday weekend; I have mostly chilled today, played a couple of games, watched some YouTube videos, but I’ve also done some washing and cleaned the kitchen a little (our kitchen is tiny so it doesn’t take very long), so I’ve been productive without over-doing it. I was going make cupcakes this afternoon but I realised we don’t have anywhere to store them so I’ll leave them to another day.

Me and my fiance are going out with his parents this evening for a meal and to see Reginald D Hunter which I’m really looking forward. Not just because I like RDH, but also because this is the sort of thing we used to do before my health took a nose-dive; it makes me feel closer to “normal”. Although, I do get the occasional pull or feeling of discomfort in what’s left of my gut if I’m stood or walking for too long, these don’t last and aren’t as common now.

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