Not my usual post, but please read!!



I am working with a very good friend of mine on an app that provides emergency resources for closeted lgbt+ youth. The app name is Verena and will be submitted to the technovation coding competition in April. Along with making an app we also need to collect data and form a business plan. This is where you all come in. We created a survey but our school’s very small GSA is not enough to provide adequate data. If any of you have the time to fill out our survey and/or signal boost this it would be so so so appreciated!! Thank you so much!!

Heyo Everyone!

This seems like a great idea for an app, it’d be great if y’all could take the survey. There’s no names or personal info needed. I took it, and now signal-boost!

~Mod Isabella

Not IBD-related, but this is such a great idea for an app. I may not be LGBTQ+ myself but I do support the community so, Boosting!

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