So, because of the current political situation over here, as well as medical expenses getting much worse, I may end up making an emergency exit from the US to marry and live with my gf in the UK (so I can get on the healthcare program out there, because socialized medicine). If this emergency plan is used, I was wondering if there are any spoonies in the UK who know of any good doctors that I might be able to bring my records to (bonus points if it’s near Southampton). I don’t want to start over


UK Spoonies, please help? 💙

I’m currently being seen by the IBD team in Southampton General Hospital. They are a fantastic group of specialists and have looked after me so well. Once you register with an NHS doctor near wherever you’re going to live, they should do a check-up in order to assess your health, and, from there, refer you to someone on the IBD team so you can get the correct care. Hope this is helpful.

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