Update for Wednesday

Had a somewhat productive day so far; sorted out my doctors appointment, picked up stuff for dinner on Friday (I’ve got a friend coming round who I haven’t seen in ages), and I’ve even done a few design sketches for my next cosplay idea for London Comic Con in May.

My legs were pretty tired after walking to and from the doctors, but I’m relaxing now, watching Supernatural season 10, and playing on my tablet. I’m feeling a lot better today, even though I didn’t sleep well last night. Bathroom breaks are still quite frequent but not as daunting as they were a week ago. I seem to be regaining my appetite little by little too but I’m still struggling to regain the weight I lost. Thank goodness for Fortisip drinks; I’m only having one per day, because I don’t want to become reliant on them, but they help towards my daily calories which I can’t do with food alone at the moment.

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